Green2Go: In Defense of the Styrofoam Surcharge
When I started The Tiffin Project, and in the years before it, I had to sell something that was entirely based on an assumption that I made of the public: people are ready and willing to use my product. Does it work, you ask? According to SPEC’s survey on waste in Vancouver, the Tiffin Project is in the right place, at the right time.
Summer is suppose to be over, but the stories created, heard, and shared from one person to another will last long into the upcoming seasons. The same can be said about the places we live; in this case, the neighbourhood of Chinatown. As the fine speakers of Raincity Chronicles’ “Market Stories” event exhibited, the act of remembering is important, but creating a historical imprint is much more meaningful.
Pop Up Wedding Project Vancouver
First, there’s the #nofilter instagram of the engagement ring. Then, the bespoke invitation arrives in the mail. Suddenly, before you can check off “chicken, vegan, and/or celiac,” you’re going to a pop-up wedding, and it’s pretty awesome.
Understanding Waste in Vancouver
Waste is a forgettable word. It’s measurement can mean something different to everyone. Chefs, however, are particularly mindful of waste. In a good classical kitchen, very little goes to waste. Take Mark Brand’s new operation, No. 1 Noodle House. What makes the most sense after Save On Meats? A Ramen place. Those bones are gold!
Green2Go: An Introduction
Every year, the city of Vancouver produces 25,000 tons of takeout waste. What does a statistic like that mean to you? Do you try to picture it all in one big pile? Do you try and calculate some weight-per-citizen average number; do you try and squeeze out another stat from it to make sense of it as another number? Or does your brain just go into standby mode – like it does for many - because you’ve read and heard too many statistic pitches?
ArtQuake 50cubed OneLove
Youth are the up-and-comers in today’s social undergrowth and Vancouver poses no exception. The creation of youth culture is relatively young itself and today we are, more than ever, looking for creative outlets through which young people can express themselves. Artquake is a Vancouver-based non-profit organization entirely dedicated to empowering youth leadership through the arts.
Laser Cutter Cafe
Urban living ain’t easy for the creatively inclined when personal space seems small and social circles even smaller. For those of us who are young and perhaps over-reliant on the resources of our universities, community studios, and similar areas, it can be hard to create what we’ve been trained to do without the appropriate materials or available technology.
Wild & Heart
Almost as quickly as it caught fire, the term for hipster is burning to a crisp due to reasons everyone and their mothers can voice. The Westender’s argument for an “antiquarian” approach to home décor and lifestyle stands firm and resolute during a noticeable surge in high-quality, though equally ornamental, design shops and lifestyle stores. And while the conversation continues between those of us who like to poke and prod at labeling our neighbours, success comes in small examples, like fashion e-retailers, Diane Rudge and Sarah Johnston of Wild & Heart.
Bestie Dane Clinton
Two guys open a sausage shop just past the overarching gates of Chinatown and it is bound to turn some heads. Dane and Clinton admit that they couldn’t have gone with “‘sausage bros’, or something like that,” but aside from their restaurant name (a literal German translation of “beast”), “Bestie” had a special kind of characteristic they specifically wanted to personify.
Tangoo Main Street
A new type of Tangoo has been introduced to the city. It still involves dancing, but preludes with dining, cocktails, and some good ol’ socializing. Tangoo’s tagline is “imagine your weekend, all in one night.” Underlining this is how the Tangoo staff organize everything. From drinks, appetizers, dinner, and a night out at a bar or pub, Tangooers don’t worry about line ups or debates on places to go that wouldn’t take two hours just to get in. The effortlessness of a VIP-like service without necessarily sporting a VIP exterior is the perfect reason to bring you and your crew Tangooing over and over again.