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Sci-Fi Double Feature: Attack of the Slime-o-Trons and Last Day on Earth
Sitting down with Edward Westerhuis, co-creator of the cardboard science fiction puppet show entitled “Sci-Fi Double Feature: Attack of the Slime-o-Trons and Last Day on Earth” was nothing short of intriguing. For one, Westerhuis and his partner-in-slime Brian Fidler, along with their sound engineer Jordy Walker, sound like just your regular film making playwrights and yet they have an amazingly creative eye for inventive content.
The Drive Webseries
Weaving “these businesses and artists into a fictional narrative,” The Drive intends to allow Vancouverites and a much broader audience alike to see these places and things on a different level: a community conscious of who and what it is, trying to bubble to the surface.
Vancouver Serbian Film Festival 2013
Don’t judge the foreign film, even when it’s in a language steeped with a history of unease, tension, and diaspora. Denis Cviticanin, director of the Vancouver Serbian Film Festival reveals a wide, understanding grin at the sound of “diaspora.” As the man responsible for exporting contemporary Serbian culture and bringing it to this year’s festival, his curation has the power inspire or unsettle Vancouver’s Balkan community.
Dan Mangan is one big piece of humble-pie. He makes you feel all warm on the inside like a bag full of kittens. Even when he’s about to step on the stage of Vancouver’s Orpheum theatre to three thousand proud fans, this Vancouver-based, Smithers-born singer-songwriter reaches into your heart of hearts and touches you, gently. On August 25th at 7 PM PST, CBC BC will be featuring What Happens Next?: The Dan Mangan Documentary, directed and produced by Brent Hodge and Jon Siddall.
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