Wild & Heart
Almost as quickly as it caught fire, the term for hipster is burning to a crisp due to reasons everyone and their mothers can voice. The Westender’s argument for an “antiquarian” approach to home décor and lifestyle stands firm and resolute during a noticeable surge in high-quality, though equally ornamental, design shops and lifestyle stores. And while the conversation continues between those of us who like to poke and prod at labeling our neighbours, success comes in small examples, like fashion e-retailers, Diane Rudge and Sarah Johnston of Wild & Heart.
In the very corner of our poster promoting "Creative Acts of Community," is the phrase, "The City Belongs To You." It is a reminder to all the artists, designers, performers and others that doing is just as possible as dreaming in a place like Vancouver. Whether it’s building a web application that empowers both social change-makers and everyday citizens or just a fashionable way to hold to your coffee cup, creative entrepreneurism thrives in our neighourhoods.
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