Green2Go: In Defense of the Styrofoam Surcharge
When I started The Tiffin Project, and in the years before it, I had to sell something that was entirely based on an assumption that I made of the public: people are ready and willing to use my product. Does it work, you ask? According to SPEC’s survey on waste in Vancouver, the Tiffin Project is in the right place, at the right time.
Pop Up Wedding Project Vancouver
First, there’s the #nofilter instagram of the engagement ring. Then, the bespoke invitation arrives in the mail. Suddenly, before you can check off “chicken, vegan, and/or celiac,” you’re going to a pop-up wedding, and it’s pretty awesome.
Laser Cutter Cafe
Urban living ain’t easy for the creatively inclined when personal space seems small and social circles even smaller. For those of us who are young and perhaps over-reliant on the resources of our universities, community studios, and similar areas, it can be hard to create what we’ve been trained to do without the appropriate materials or available technology.
Tangoo Main Street
A new type of Tangoo has been introduced to the city. It still involves dancing, but preludes with dining, cocktails, and some good ol’ socializing. Tangoo’s tagline is “imagine your weekend, all in one night.” Underlining this is how the Tangoo staff organize everything. From drinks, appetizers, dinner, and a night out at a bar or pub, Tangooers don’t worry about line ups or debates on places to go that wouldn’t take two hours just to get in. The effortlessness of a VIP-like service without necessarily sporting a VIP exterior is the perfect reason to bring you and your crew Tangooing over and over again.
In the very corner of our poster promoting "Creative Acts of Community," is the phrase, "The City Belongs To You." It is a reminder to all the artists, designers, performers and others that doing is just as possible as dreaming in a place like Vancouver. Whether it’s building a web application that empowers both social change-makers and everyday citizens or just a fashionable way to hold to your coffee cup, creative entrepreneurism thrives in our neighourhoods.
Hawkers Market Yummus
Wontons, pie holes, ice cream and then some: Hawkers Market delivered the first of many distinctive nights at East Van Studios. By bringing together a global palette of unique tastes under one East Van roof, each hawker conquered one tongue at a time in a notable style of culinary commerce. Simply put, this wasn’t your typical run to the supermarket.
ArtQuake OneLove Kim Possible
Remember art class in highschool? That Arts and Social Sciences elective in college you didn’t think you’d like? Creativity during the age of youth tends to fall under a “happy coincidence” or a “passion like no other.” Bridging the former to the latter is exactly the goal of ArtQuake’s new OneLove Mentorship Program and Festival.
Make It Happen Ole Originals
Pick up a rock and throw it in any direction; you’re likely to hit an artist. We live among you like looming birds on a wire and we’re not going anywhere. Each quarter we spend goes to an ounce of artisanal coffee, a page in the local culture magazine, and funding an Indiegogo campaign that matters to us. As far as Vancouver’s creative economy is concerned, we “make it happen.”
Vancouver Spring Show 2013
The annual excitement of blooming cherry blossoms at the Burrard Skytrain Station is enough to get anyone into the spirit of Spring. But for those who follow the lunar calendar, as is customary in Chinese culture, Spring started two months ago. And while snakes flowed down city streets to the welcoming sounds of chimes and cymbals, a different kind of celebration took place on February 9th at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.
Kijiji Used Student Textbooks
A 2013 study from Demographia on the relationship between affordability and land regulations ranked Vancouver as the second most expensive city housing market worldwide. Post-secondary students both within British Columbia and across the nation are forced to come up with creative ways to cut costs if they want to graduate without accumulating thousands of dollars in debt.


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