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Show us your skills and we'll show you ours. We're building a team of like-minded creative citizens ready to capture the never-ending flow of ideas and engagement in Vancouver. If you’re a writer, photographer, designer, or anyone interested in documenting this incredible city, give us a shout and drop by our Gastown office. As a team, we can bring together the creative and the commercial through everyday collaboration.


// Currently Seeking:

Summer Intern:

If you feed off heat waves and ideas come join our Summer Internship at This is Vancity Online Media. Creativity, culture, and entrepreneurship spill into the streets of Vancouver every day and we need your help keeping track of it all. Submit your resume/CV to and we'll match your skillset to several city happenings. Commit to the projects that interest you and work alongside our senior editors, designers, and managers for two months (July/August). This position is part-time and begins July 2nd.
Recommended: Experience in Communications, Design, or Management.

Part-time Contributor:

Behind every story is an author, photographer, editor, etc. If you have a skill, talent, or simply a passion for Vancouver's creative scene, submit your resume/CV to Join us in our office space or on-location and help our team capture the most in-depth perspectives and the richest quality of content this city has to offer. With each publication, sharpen your skills, gain invaluable experience, and upgrade your portfolio. Finally, if you can work your way into our masthead, we will treat you very well. This position is part-time and is ongoing.
Recommended: Experience in Communications, Design, or Management.

Junior Manager:

Do you have what it takes to join a start-up? Sweat, blood, and trust are the only acceptable currencies when trying to make ideas happen. If you're ready to get your hands dirty in our campaigns, projects, and other endeavours, submit your resume/CV to Warning: This position is not for the faint of heart.
Recommended: A strong stomach for failure.