About Us

This Is Vancity is an online source of local, creative happenings in Vancouver, Canada. By exploring the cultural imperatives of our great city and exploring how creative processes can affect citizen engagement, we can highlight how Vancouver gains meaning through collaborative projects, products and entrepreneurial ventures. Instead of fuelling paradigms like the “starving artist," "no-fun city," and other stigmas, we instead celebrate hyperlocal culture, both creative and commercial. This Is Vancity believes in a fostering a strong creative economy through the following:

Stories & Articles
Our website tells the stories of local, creative happenings and how the personalities behind them operate. We delve into the mechanics of a good idea and the themes they produce throughout our neighbourhoods.

Events (Under Construction)
Highlighting cultural events throughout the city, we promote cooperative efforts between organizations and individuals. From time to time, we produce our own events as well.

Aiming to connect our online readers to offline engagement, we offer advertising opportunities on our site that promote the fusion of creative and commercial values.

Job Listings
Visitors can seek out entry-level, intermediate, and senior-level employment opportunities through the Fresh Gigs listing of Vancouver jobs in the communication, design, and marketing industry. Likewise, we will be featuring odd-job opportunities through the Hey Available! platform (coming soon).

Digital Services (Under Construction)
As passionate storytellers and experienced creatives, we seek active opportunities for revenue through web design/development, social media management, referred design projects, and other innovative services (ex. digital storytelling through QR code design. Crazy, eh?)

About Us
Vancouver has no shortage of creative talent, nor do we think it has a shortage of blogs. We see this as a sign of a very interconnected and active population of like-minded citizens who are genuinely concerned with the city they live, work, and play in. Our goal as a team, online publication, and company is to capture this exciting energy in the forms of written, photographic, or recorded articles and stories.

In 2011, we soft launched this website with hopes to open the floodgates to storytelling and creative collaborations within Vancouver. Since then, we've honed and refined our identity to this current point (v2.0). Currently, this is our core staff:

Mike Despotovic — Co-Founder // Editor-in-Chief — @mikedespot 
Ketan Jogia — Co-Founder // Chief Operations Director — @ketanjogia 
Peter Bohdal — Co-Founder // Creative Director — @peterboh 
Sydney Vickars — Managing Editor & Writer 
Zoe Hutchinson 
— Staff Writer 
Katherine Chan — Staff Writer — @_kthrne
Sophia Ahamed — Contributing Designer — @sophiaahamed

Coming Soon