Sci-Fi Double Feature: Attack of the Slime-o-Trons and Last Day on Earth
Sitting down with Edward Westerhuis, co-creator of the cardboard science fiction puppet show entitled “Sci-Fi Double Feature: Attack of the Slime-o-Trons and Last Day on Earth” was nothing short of intriguing. For one, Westerhuis and his partner-in-slime Brian Fidler, along with their sound engineer Jordy Walker, sound like just your regular film making playwrights and yet they have an amazingly creative eye for inventive content.
Vancouver Spring Show 2013
The annual excitement of blooming cherry blossoms at the Burrard Skytrain Station is enough to get anyone into the spirit of Spring. But for those who follow the lunar calendar, as is customary in Chinese culture, Spring started two months ago. And while snakes flowed down city streets to the welcoming sounds of chimes and cymbals, a different kind of celebration took place on February 9th at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.
Peter Bach
From the little #hashtag that brought you tweetups on social innovation, food in your community, and other cultural themes, comes a night of monuments, memorials, and mementos. On April 11th, 2012, the East of Main collective invites you to come out and dig up East Van’s historic legacy of visual arts, community engagement, urban culture, immigration, and co-operative movements. This is Vancity is proud to sponsor EastVanLove vol. 8: Journey to Now.
Kijiji Used Student Textbooks
A 2013 study from Demographia on the relationship between affordability and land regulations ranked Vancouver as the second most expensive city housing market worldwide. Post-secondary students both within British Columbia and across the nation are forced to come up with creative ways to cut costs if they want to graduate without accumulating thousands of dollars in debt.
Tangoo Nights Vancouver Vancity Article
Letting loose and having fun shouldn’t be as much as work the week that just passed. From deciding on the food to the designated driver, a good majority of people will settle for their favourite watering hole and that familiar group of friends, with good reason, of course. However, a new Vancouver startup, Tangoo, is looking to change things up with their special brand of “organized spontaneity.”
#EastVanLove is an ongoing tweetup series which showcase community champions and bring together people who live, work, or simply enjoy one of Vancouver's trendiest and most diverse neighbourhoods.

    Thanks to our insatiable appetite for visual communication and stimulation, it’s hard not to find bokeh in our favourite social networks like Instagram,

"Although nature commences with reason and ends in experience it is necessary for us to do the opposite, that is to commence with experience and from this to proceed to investigate the reason." (Da Vinci)
Bob Kronbauer

  Friday, April 13th marked the seventh volume of the Creative Mornings Vancouver breakfast lectures at the W2 Me

On March 22nd, 2012, East of Main & This is Vancity partnered up to host EastVanLove Vol.5 at Hai Phong. This sceencast of the event marks the first time an EastVanLove event has been recorded and uploaded. Enjoy!