We're keeping this pretty simple. So why not turn it into a conversation?


How much for your home page?

Our front page ("home page") advertisements are reserved for long-term community affiliates and organizations we couldn't live without. It's just one way we can say a little thank you. We would appreciate it if you checked them out once in a while (sure, we'll rotate them).


Okay, so where can I advertise?

Our inside page ("content page") advertisements are up for grabs. Twenty dollars ($20 CND!) gets you seven [consecutive] days of advertising on all content pages (past & present). Eighty dollars ($80 CND!) gets you a month (24-30 days) of consecutive advertising on all content pages (past & present). I could compare prices with some other websites, but then this conversation wouldn't be simple. Perhaps we could talk in-person?


Let's talk impressions, CPM, banner size, campaign rotation, etc...

No. Each and every article has a different audience size, and with it a broad range of reader types, interests, etc. What we don't have is hundreds of thousands of hits. What we do have is long average pageview times (a.k.a. people spend time reading here). Your advertisement will accompany these articles and allow likeminded people the opportunity to explore the places, products, and other parts of Vancouver that they may not know of. Think of it less as an advertisement and more like a community call-board.


How do I know my advertisement is a good fit for your site?

Great question. Are you trying to sell an interesting product (or product line) that would appeal to the young and moderate? Examples include online women's boutiques, speciality design items, unique food products, etc. Or, are you trying to promote a local event that would provide social value for a fair price? Examples include art/music events, business-casual gatherings, etc. Or, are you providing a service that fulfills a need in the life of the everyday creative person? Examples include freelance activities like graphic design, web development, or photography. 


What if it doesn't work?

It depends on your definition. If you're willing, I'd love to meet before you purchase any advertising in order to advise you about your image selection, advertising budget, and your goals regarding marketing. These ads may be good for pulling people onto your website but perhaps you want more action? Like a point-of-sale? Let's communicate about other options. Perhaps we'd like to write an article about you? Or give our newsletter readers a discount on your ticket price? I'm willing to stretch your money if you're willing to put it on the table. Contact Mike at


Finally (for the readers), where's this money going?

Where most money goes, back into the local economy. We try, as much as possible, to pay full-price on event admittance, product samples, indiegogo support, etc. Of course, we use the money for other costs such as VPS website hosting, media technology (ex. cameras), and some bonus material we can give back to our readers. Our favourite thing to spend money on is our locally commissioned banner art, which we're currently trying to increase from $150/work. When there's enough money for a salary, we'll let you know.


Bullet points time:

- Banner Ads are 150x150px .jpgs or .pngs 

- Display only on content pages (currently up to 5 ads)

- $20/week or $80/month

- Pay by cheque, C.O.D., or paypal

- Contact Mike at

- We reserve the right to reject advertisements based on editorial comaptibility