Green2Go: In Defense of the Styrofoam Surcharge
When I started The Tiffin Project, and in the years before it, I had to sell something that was entirely based on an assumption that I made of the public: people are ready and willing to use my product. Does it work, you ask? According to SPEC’s survey on waste in Vancouver, the Tiffin Project is in the right place, at the right time.


The Drive Webseries
Weaving “these businesses and artists into a fictional narrative,” The Drive intends to allow Vancouverites and a much broader audience alike to see these places and things on a different level: a community conscious of who and what it is, trying to bubble to the surface.
Hawkers Market Yummus
Wontons, pie holes, ice cream and then some: Hawkers Market delivered the first of many distinctive nights at East Van Studios. By bringing together a global palette of unique tastes under one East Van roof, each hawker conquered one tongue at a time in a notable style of culinary commerce. Simply put, this wasn’t your typical run to the supermarket.
Headlining the “Primacy of Consciousness” exhibition at the Ayden Gallery this January, Steffen Quong urges the viewer to see “the human being as a verb.” Each of the artists involved in the exhibition engage with this conception of humanity and its consciousness in a newfangled and somewhat revolutionary way.
How To Patch Planters Vancouver
There’s no point avoiding it. The city of Vancouver and the concept of urban agriculture are like two peas in a pod. Only now, you can grow your own set of peas in a self-watering container system that fits on your windowsill. It’s called Patch, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone’s giving it two green thumbs up.